PJ Corallo

Drums & Percussion/Performer/Composer/Arranger/Educator

PJ Corallo is a Professional Drummer/Performer/Composer/Arranger/Educator out of Asbury Park, New Jersey.  He has studied for many years under Joe Nevolo (Big Beat Music Studio- Neptune, NJ) and John Gronert (Ocean, NJ).  PJ is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music located in Boston, MA.  There he had the honor of studying with the legendary John Blackwell, Kim Plainfield, Alberto Netto, along with his mentor, Tony 'Thunder' Smith.  While earning a bachelors degree in Professional Music, being at Berklee he has been surrounded by the best of the best, world class musicians everyday. 


PJ is incredibly passionate for spreading his knowledge about drumming and music.  His philosophy on teaching is to be able to share information with people (students) in an interesting and fun way that creates a positive environment for both the student and the teacher.  He believes that it’s essential to assess each student’s abilities knowing everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.  Finding these weaknesses and turning them into positive things to work on for the student is an important part to being a successful private teacher.  PJ is available for booking a live drummer of all genres, studio work, composing/arranging, and teaching private lessons in the NJ/NY, Tri-state area.